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sedation dentistry

Sedation Dentistry is an effective tool to combat the fear and dread some patients experience when seeing the dentist. Modern dentistry sedation at Dworkin Dental is here to alleviate that stress and help you get the dental services you need. Keep your oral health on track with regular visits to the dentist, and keep that smile healthy and beautiful.


No More Dental Anxiety

If you find yourself putting off even routine dental visits for things like cleanings due to dental anxiety, you should know that you are not alone. The American Dental Association estimates that 22% of patients put off dental appointments due to stress-related to seeing the dentist. At Dworkin Dental, we understand that anxiety can build to the point that dental exams are put off for far too long, resulting in negative consequences for your oral and overall health. We can help by the use of dental sedation techniques.

What it entails?

The importance of regular dental exams can not be overstated. The biggest reason for routine dental exams is the preventative and proactive treatments available. These treatments can stop issues like decay, aka cavities, and gum disease before they cause severe damage resulting in tooth loss. Most people think of the dentist as someone who takes care of their oral health needs, and while true, they are also critical to your overall health. Poor dental health can worsen other health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even asthma.

Several different types of sedation are available, depending on your level of discomfort in seeing the dentist and your particular dental needs. Let’s look at a few of the options.

Oral Sedation - This is a Valium-type medication given in pill form. The dentist will determine the dose. This form of sedation produces a feeling of being very drowsy but not quite asleep. Oral sedation is the most common form of dental sedation. Although it is not the patient’s goal to fall asleep with this sedation, this will occasionally happen. The dentist can easily awaken you if you fall asleep with a gentle tap on the shoulder. You will need someone to drive you home because the sedation’s effects will last longer than your appointment.

IV Sedation - This form of sedation is administered through an IV that the dentist will start in the dentist’s office. IV medications are delivered directly into a vein, producing much more profound sedation. The dentist can control the level of sedation and adjust it accordingly throughout the treatment. IV sedation is commonly referred to as ‘twilight’ or ‘sleep’ sedation and is considered moderate sedation; you are not as easily awakened as with the oral or gas type of sedation. IV sedation is an excellent choice for complex or lengthy procedures because the dentist has ample time to address multiple issues. During your treatment, you will be able to respond to the dentist’s questions but will not remember much afterward. Your blood pressure will be taken before and after your procedure. The dentist will continuously monitor your pulse and oxygen levels throughout the treatment to enable quick responses to any medical needs. You will need someone else to drive you home after your visit, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Nitrous Oxide, aka Laughing Gas - Laughing gas has been used for the better part of 200 years with good reason; it is a very safe and quick-acting sedation option. Nitrous Oxide is mixed with oxygen-forming gas that is a mild sedative and delivered through a facemask without the need for needles or IVs. Because the gas is absorbed through your lungs, the effects are felt almost immediately. The mixture made into gas produces the feeling of being calm and relaxed. You may also feel slightly lightheaded, tingly, and possibly some heaviness in your arms and legs. Once the facemask is removed, the effects of the gas will wear off in 3 to 5 minutes simply by inhaling and exhaling. You can even drive yourself home after this type of sedation in most instances.

Why you should get one?

Keep your oral health on track with regular visits to the dentist, and keep that smile healthy and beautiful. Don’t put off that dental appointment any longer. We are ready and able to alleviate that dental anxiety that has stopped you from getting the quality dental treatment you need and deserve. Call us today at (203)-514-2700 to schedule an appointment, and let’s get started on a brighter tomorrow!

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