Sedation Dentistry in Milford, CT

Many people are phobic about visiting a dentist and opt not to get treatment. However, our dentists in Milford, CT will tell you that dental treatments are a breeze today. You don’t have to skip your appointment because you fear pain or are embarrassed by your condition.

At Dworkin Dental, we know that you deserve to get a smooth experience while receiving treatment. Our sedation dentistry takes care of your fear and anxiety regarding your dental appointment or treatment.

What does Sedation Dentistry Involve?

A dentist uses a numbing medication to allow you to relax and stay comfortable as you get your dental procedure. There are different levels of sedatives that you can receive depending on your level of fear, the duration of a procedure, or the sum of procedures in a single appointment.

Besides, dentists deliver the sedatives in various ways, from breathing in the medicine to receiving it via an intravenous line.

Types of Sedatives

You can receive one of these sedations during your treatment:

Laughing Gas

This inhaled minimal sedation is delivered by breathing in the sedative known as laughing gas through a nosepiece. The gas makes you relax. After treatment, laughing gas will wear off quickly.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Dentists in Milford, CT provide oral sedation with a dosage ranging from minimal to moderate. If you need minimal sedation, you get a pill that you take about 60 minutes before the procedure. When in effect, it makes you drowsy, though still awake. Sometimes, you can even fall asleep if it’s moderate sedation.

IV Sedation

Dentists near you administer IV sedation through the vein using an IV line. Because the medicine is delivered straight to the bloodstream, it works very quickly. The dentists can continue adjusting the sedation levels during the treatment. IV sedation takes much longer to wear off.

Do you have dental treatment, and you are afraid of getting it? Talk to us at Dworkin Dental, and our dentists will discuss your sedative options. Sedation dentistry is safe for adults and kids alike.

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