Dental Exams & Cleanings in Milford, CT

It is recommended for patients to visit the dentist semi-annually for regular exams and cleanings. There are many benefits to coming to Dworkin Dental for annual cleanings. During the cleanings, our experienced dentists will have a chance to evaluate the health of the mouth, jaw, and teeth overall.

There may be underlying health and dental conditions which are noticed during the cleanings. Identifying and treating oral health problems and tooth problems as soon as possible is important for preserving the health of the teeth and preventing the problem from getting out of control.

Why Go to Semi-Annual Exams & Cleanings

Most dental insurances cover at least one dental cleanings a year, so make sure to take advantage of your plan’s full benefits. The dental exam & cleanings is also a good opportunity for asking the dentists questions about future cosmetic and restorative dental treatments you may want to try. We will work with the patient to create a personalized treatment plan to promote oral health and beauty. Dworkin Dental accepts most major dental insurances and has flexible payment options available.

Oral cancer is a deadly form of cancer that is most often diagnosed during a regular dental cleanings. During the exam, the dentist will thoroughly check the mouth for signs of cancer. Patients who use tobacco products are at an increased risk for developing oral cancer. Identifying oral cancer in its earliest stages is the best way to keep the disease from developing into a lethal condition. Exams & cleanings in Milford, CT can save your life and save you hundreds of dollars in future dental bills by identifying problems earlier.

Exams & Cleanings Near You

Do you need an experienced dentist near you for teeth cleaning? Our dentists in Milford, CT are currently accepting new patients. We offer flexible appointment times, accept most insurances, and have financing options available. Our friendly staff members are dedicated to providing our patients with a positive experience at our dental office. Our dentists have a friendly and caring approach to dentistry that helps each patient feel at ease during the appointment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for exams & cleanings in Milford, CT.

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