Dental Crowns in Milford

Dental crowns are an important tool for modern dentists. At Dworkin Dental, we aim to preserve as much of the healthy, natural teeth as possible, but in some cases, the use of a dental crown may be necessary. What is a crown? Dental crowns are a “cap” that is placed over a tooth that has been lost to decay or trauma. In some cases, the use of a dental implant may be necessary to install the crown or artificial tooth if the root has been destroyed by decay.

Dworkin Dental offers crowns in Milford, CT from experienced dentists near you. We are available for accepting new patients, so call today to book a consultation with one of our dentists for dental crowns. We offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments at our modern dental clinic in Milford, CT.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Unlike other parts of the body, teeth are unfortunately unable to regenerate themselves. When a tooth’s enamel or tissues are destroyed by decay or trauma, it is necessary to use a dental crown to repair the damage so the patient can speak, look, and chew normally. Crowns effectively repair damaged teeth to their natural appearance and function.

In some cases, dental crowns are used to hold a dental bridge in place. When one or more of the teeth is weak, damaged, or missing, it can affect all of the teeth around it. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth used to fill a gap in the teeth from a missing tooth. The bridge connects to two dental crowns, placed on the adjacent teeth, to create a stable support for the artificial tooth.

Not sure what to expect at your appointment? Our patient-centered practice takes a caring and friendly approach to dentistry. We will answer any questions you have to make you feel completely at ease in the dental chair. Here is what to expect when you get a crown:

  • You may want to whiten your teeth before getting the crown
  • An impression of your teeth will be taken so the crown can be created
  • The tooth will be prepped for the crown, which may include removing enamel
  • You may need to wear a temporary crown while the permanent one is made
  • At the final appointment, the dental crown will be permanently bonded in place

Dental Crowns Near Me

If you are searching for local dentists in Milford, CT who offer dental crowns at an affordable price, then give one of our dentists a try. Our dentists near you will assess the overall health of your teeth and come up with a treatment plan that works for you.

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